Social Responsibility

WBND operates to ensure that we continually work to a best practice model.

Our Core Values include: Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability. Best practice key performance indicators include:

  1. The quality of our management – both in terms of people and processes.
  2. The nature of, and quantity of the company’s impact on society in various areas including the products and services we provide to our clients, and the impact which these products and services have on the environment and our local community.
  3. Financial performance.

WBND uses corporate social responsibility principles to ensure corporate self-regulation processes are integrated into our business model. Every decision and action undertaken by the WBND  integrates social and environmental concerns into the way we operate our business as well as the way we interact with our clients and key stakeholders.


Ethical Sourcing

We are committed to offering ethically purchased and responsibly produced products of the highest quality.
We work with suppliers who share our commitment and adhere to the strong standards we’ve set within our Supplier Code.
We also ensure that they in turn ensure their suppliers adhere to these standards.


  • Lights on a need to be basis and all off at night
  • All lights changed to low voltage LED savings up to 70% in energy costs
  • Rather than air conditioning open the doors for fresh air is possible
  • Film on windows to naturally heat and cool office
  • Run appliances at the end of the day in off peak
  • All computers to be turned off daily

Recycling and Reducing Waste

We are working to shrink our waste with the introduction of the following:

  • A paperless office with all files stored electronically
  • Job bags to be electronic including any sign offs
  • Reuse any waste paper as note paper
  • No paper cups but individual mugs and a great coffee machine
  • No wastage – what we do not want or need is donated to some one who does.
  • Encourage our suppliers to recycle and reduce waste

Human Rights

TWBND fully supports the United nations Global Compact’s two guiding principles on human rights :

  • Support and respects the protection of international human rights within its sphere of influence
  • Ensure that our own companies or direct suppliers are not complicit in human rights’ abuses.

We therefore adhere to the following in our own business practices

  • Create a healthy, safe working environment for our employees
  • Ensure that all local laws are adhered to with regard to working conditions
  • Ensure that the work place is free of discrimination, intimidation and harassment
  • Ensure that all our suppliers receive and understand our Suppliers Code which directly deals with these issues
  • Ensure that all factories are visited for proper safe and healthy working conditions and then audited for compliance.


We are taking action because we believe it is important to help care for our planet and we encourage and work with others to do the same. We have a responsibility towards society, present and future.
We are committed to reduce our operating costs through energy efficiency and waste management which will reduce our environmental footprint.


When it comes to the places we do business WBND is committed to helping communities thrive.  We believe we can make a difference in peoples lives.  We achieve this is a number of ways.

  • Support our local Salvation Army by donating all blank samples and stock, which they in turn sell or gift to people in need.
  • All outdated computer systems to be cleaned up and repaired in partnership with our IT technician. These are then donated to the local indigenous schools.
  • Forgo sending Christmas cards to clients, which also has an environmental impact and instead give hampers to the disadvantaged through the local Salvation Army at Christmas. TWBND organize, buy and all the staff get together to put these hampers together.
  • Rather than client Christmas gifts over the year we purchase toys and our major clients also donate and the staff at TWBND then individually wrap and donate to The local Salvation Army for distribution to local disadvantaged children
  • Donate daily to The Cancer Foundation
  • Donate daily to The Salvation Army
  • Sponsor a child through World Vision
  • Donate products to Animal Welfare organisations for the care of animals
  • Ensure any unwanted products are recycled or reused in a productive manner