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Volvo Life Paint

1 April 2015
Volvo has launched LifePaint,  a unique reflective safety spray for cyclists. Invisible by day and at night glows brightly in the glare of car headlights.  Lasting for about one week, the spray can be applied to almost any material without altering the colour and can be removed by washing. The
Inspiration What's Hot

Samsung SlideLiner

23 July 2014
What is the Samsung Slideliner?   To create an immersive rugby viewing experience, Samsung built a unique couch. Then we put it on rails so it could keep up with the on-field action. To find out more about the tech that makes the Samsung SlideLiner the best seat in the house, check out our
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bpay band

8 July 2014
All you need, all on your wrist.  Contactless payments began on a card, but that’s no reason to stop there. With the bPay band, we’ve put a surprising number of functions on a single, wearable device. Take the Wireless Festival as a case in point. With bPay band, we’re able to integrate